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Wagyu Beef

Legacy Prime Difference

Our beef is all-natural, grass fed with no hormones or antibiotics. We provide only the highest quality Wagyu beef direct from our farm to you.

Our Japanese Wagyu cattle provide genetic traits that offer a flavorful, tender beef with optimal marbling. All orders are cut to your liking and dry aged to tenderize the meat before being shipped.

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Mangalitsa Pork

Kobe Beef of Pork

Deep burgundy meat with layers of white marbling is a quality one can only find in Mangalitsa. More fatty than your typical pork, but healthier and higher in monounsaturated fat, with an abundance of Omega acids and free of trans fats.

The Hungarian delicacy of Mangalitsa meat is a richer more flavorful experience that Legacy Prime is proud to be able to provide to you, fresh from the farm.

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Ranch To You

Prime Ingredients

Family Owned and Operated

Established in 1945 and with over four generations of ranching experience, Legacy Prime Farms is home to experts in the fields of agriculture, dentistry and medicine that are passionate about humanely raising and producing only the best tasting Wagyu beef.

Nestled in the gorgeous foothills of Northeast Millard County in Central Utah, cattle are raised in a low stress environment with the choice of hay and other grasses grown on location.

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Ethical Farming

No hormones or antibiotics


Legacy Prime Marketing & Distribution supplies the finest Wagyu straight from the farm to restaurants and chefs across the United States.

Exceptional beef and service are our goal. We welcome you to join the Legacy Prime family.

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Our owners are comprised of veterans in the field of business, farming, medicine, law and hospitality services.

With decades of experience, Legacy Prime Marketing & Distribution has the talent and experience to best serve you.

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